Aris Von - Obscurity of Mind (Original Mix) [VOLTAGE Records] - Aris Von

/ VIDEO SNIPPETS Friday, 09 November 2018 00:00

The Armory: EXISTENCE rewrites rules of diversity in Techno


VOLTAGE Records proudly presents The Armory: EXISTENCE, our 3rd consecutive VA.

Dedicated to serve our purpose and support artists on the rise, this VA is sculpted upon our fundamental principles.

11 different tracks from 11 artists from all over the world, with completely different influences and music backgrounds create an explosive collection of music suitable for every part of the night or day.

Furthering the VOLTAGE support concept, the continuous mix was compiled by one of our artists, Ukrainian star Skober, thus adding weight to the release.

The Armory: EXISTENCE provides music that you will definitely have to listen carefully. Selections have been made over a period of months, and all of the tracks are different in character, sound, purpose and style.

So put on your headphones, an pick your weapon!

Welcome to VOLTAGE. Welcome to Techno, redefined.


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