LEVT - The Beast - VLT028

LEVT’s “THE BEAST” releases on VOLTAGE on June 3 including an electrifying remix by Felix Kröcher!

VOLTAGE Records welcomes German producer LEVT with an incredible original named “The Beast”.  This is a dark, intense track based on tonal fluctuations and a chord pattern that travels through a vivid rhythmical groove.

Melodic, consonant and harmonious, it flows through the listener creating amorphous sets of feelings, making positive and negative spikes of mood, generating a “perfectly imperfect” balance.

LEVT has created something really unique, something rare: A track that spawns images of time-lapse voyages in mind, a cinematic scent for a rhythmic soundtrack   that starts from a specific point of origin and ends at a precise destination.

This is a intelligent track, a mood affecting tune that will lock itself in your brain after you listen to it just for once.

Felix Kröcher’s work on the remixed version is simply electrifying! The accomplished German producer has created a sophisticated version of the original, taking it to new heights!

Nostalgic, moody and definitely intense, it approaches LEVT’s original composition in a different way. The musical elements combined in this ingeniously produced original maintain the original’s mood shifting patterns, but in this case the feelings are completely different.

The track “runs” throughout its duration and the breaks only give time to the listener to catch a breath up to the moment that the bass majestically returns to keep the tune in pace and rock the floor once more!

“The Beast” is releasing on June 3rd on Beatport and June 7th storewide

LEVT and Felix Kröcher are debuting in VOLTAGE Records

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