Spektre - Without Warning (D - Deck Remix) [VOLTAGE Records] - D - Deck

/ VIDEO SNIPPETS Saturday, 13 October 2018 00:00


Spektre (Drumcode / Respekt), one of Britain’s hottest techno duos, attacks the techno World with an unprecedented single!

“Without Warning” is Spektre’s case study on today’s Techno. Uncommon, speedy, dark and above all, trippy, it is a track that rewrites the rules on how a proper track should be.

Melancholic and dark, but precise and crisp at the same time -a typical Spektre characterstic- “Without Warning” is composed upon the concept of making a difference. Huge bass pads bring out melodies that move and travel the audience while on the same time spacey strings and groovy drum patterns generate the antithesis that makes the energy circulate in this excellent track’s veins.

Thomas Schumacher’s (Drumcode / Noir) approach is manifested upon pure energy.

Advanced engineering and authentic inspiration meet, to create a perfectly blended dark-as-the-gates-of-the-underworld killer groove and fresh rhythmical elements, all mixed along to forge a track destined to stir bedrocks and definitely question their structural rigidity!

D-Deck (Alleanza / Phobiq) inserts his life experience in music-making into his remix and totally transforms the track, generating a new existence. This is a 4 AM track, definitely made to move large crowds. Rigorous and stern, yet driving and melodic, it’s based on a solid drum pattern that concludes to an epic buildup where all melodic elements join the harmony and add their own perspective to end-up in a huge drop.

Spektre, Thomas Schumacher and D-Deck are debuting in VOLTAGE Records.