SPOT ON: YAN OXYGEN releasing “Rovana" EP on VOLTAGE, remixed by German power duo GNTN

Man of the moment Ukrainian rising star Yan Oxygen is next up on Voltage Records with an amazing two tracker EP which comes backed with a huge remix from German techno duo GNTN.

 Yan has made quite an impression after his releases on Sasha Carassi's Phobiq, Spek- tre's Respekt, Durtysoxx'sFunk'n Deep and so he does so again his brand new 'Rovana' EP on VOLTAGE. With the 'Rovana' EP Yan Oxygen makes a statement in modern techno, mixing and combining intense grooves with dark and melodic elements, creating an addictive re- sult, promising to leave a mark even within the most demanding DJ set!

First track, 'Rovana' is a powerful, almost mesmerising track with a renaissance style organ lead throughout the track's core. Underlined by a rhythmical and solid drum syn- thesis, it's the kind of pure underground techno track you would expect from a produc- er of this level. 

'Black road', the second track of this EP, is in one word: unrelenting. Combining sharp percussions and wide synths, this is a pure after hours track, built to hypnotise the crowd. Its drops are epic, combining gating pads, low pitched vocals, deep and pow- erful kick, and an amazing bass line. ’Black Road' is a track that will definitely make an impression.

German techno duo GNTN (Respekt Recordings / Selected Records / Familia) debut on VOLTAGE, with an amazing remix on Yan Oxygen's 'Black Road'. Their version is darker, more minimal, but packed with a pounding, driving take on the original, filled with sweeping synths and an earth shaking bass line!

This is a release that simply cannot be missed!

(YAN OXYGEN AND GNTN are debuting on VOLTAGE Records) 

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