Dino Maggiorana’s last work is one for the books!

This 3 tracker was created with mayhem in mind. The 2 originals from Dino Maggiorana were made to move big crowds and cause serious damage on the dancefloor.

Characterised by his unique sound signature, Dino's work on this EP is remarkable.

Power, speed, depth and unique sound are the main ingredients combined to make an incredible atmosphere destined to rock any club to its core!

ANNA V.'s remix is simply incredible!

The Italian producer has taken every tension element from the original and brought them to new heights, making the remix faster, sturdier and more unexpected, underlined by her passion for hardware synthesizers and of course, her classic earthquake like kick drums!

This is a release that's going to make some serious damage!

(Dino Maggiorana is debuting with his solo EP on VOLTAGE - has released previously with his collaboration with Durtysoxxx)

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