Brothers Since '93 is the musical meeting of two brothers DJs & producers: Sab Macintosh & Mathias.D.

 The duo was formed as a merger of electronic genres, blending sounds Tech House and Techno with a single purpose: the groove.

Sab Macintosh, the eldest, grew up with electronic music in the 80's listening to the famous Michael Jackson, Prince or Jimmy Summerville. Largely influenced by the Chicago House and Detroit Techno he decided to become a DJ. His green days as a DJ were during the new millennium at the Underground Projekt, a Parisian association where he also discovered the Computer Assisted Music using Reason.

Mathias D., the youngest, has spent his childhood listening to French Touch and Electro House (Daft Punk, Axwell) music. In line with the youth of the 2000s, he found in DJing and production a new life purpose. In 2013, he signed his first tracks on labels Baci Recordings, Big Mama's House Records, Wolfrage recordings and GIA Music Records. His songs were supported by R3hab, Julian Jordan, Krono, Chicane, Matt Darey, Krewella, Froidz and PingPong. In 2014, he played at the Techno Parade on Pik Haribo’s chariot alongside with Arno Cost, Mathieu Bouthier and Tristan Garner