Kostas Maskalides - One thousand Volts (Original mix) [VOLTAGE Records] - Kostas Maskalides

/ VIDEO SNIPPETS Friday, 03 November 2017 00:01



“One Thousand Volts, Maskalides’ floor pumping EP releases on VOLTAGE, with 2 blasting remixes from ANNA V. and UAKOZ”

Kostas Maskalides (Phobiq, Funk’n Deep, Riot, AnalyticTrail) is no stranger to dark grooves. His latest work on Phobiq, “Furnace” charted in Techno Top 30, was no surprise. The Belgium based Greek Maestro’s music is distinctive and unparalleled and so is his latest release on VOLTAGE.

Consisting of two tracks and two remixes, Maskalides this time goes purely main room, creating a festival-like EP, absolutely referring to big crowds. One Thousand Volts is made by a relentless dark groove with acid elements and a pure techno baseline, resulting in big drops that will test the performance and stamina of any sound system.

ANNA V. (Elevate / Funk'n Deep / Stick Recordings) remix is approaching the original in a completely different way. Atmospheric, and fast, with solid and crystal-clear drums, enriched with vintage synths and big chords. ANNA adds melody and transforms the track, making it a pure after hour tune destined to rock the floor with its unparalleled “full on” drops.

Second track of the EP, “Bitter Kiss Goodnight” is a tribute to the 90’s. Huge chord synthesis’ and buildups for the records, combined with classic bass sounds and contemporary techno groove, it is a track that creates an uplifting and massive atmosphere. Clearly one of Maskalides’ best works so far.

Last track of the release is made from rising Italian producer UAKOZ (Terminal - M/ Elevate/ OFF Recordings/ Respekt).His approach for “Bitter Kiss Goodnight” is jaw-dropping. This is a pumped up remix of the original with a darker and heavier scent, perfectly adapted to the Italian’s personal style and an amazing respect to the original track.

(Kostas Maskalides and UAKOZ are debuting on VOLTAGE.)