Including remixes from ALBERTO RUIZ , ANNA V. & GASTON ZANI

Blasting off, the first release from VOLTAGE Records signifies the beginning of a new era. Our label is proud to feature a sizzling original mix from Ukrainian techno star Skober. launching off pedal to the metal! This is a unique, deep track with vintage synths and real oldschool scent, typical of Skober's productions, that will literally destroy the floor once played live!

To celebrate this release VOLTAGE Records is releasing 3 remix from 3 different artists, composing a diverse roster of tracks, so different among them, that could be easily played back to back! 
Spanish star Alberto Ruiz, debuts on Voltage with his remix on Skober's "I need it Raw" designating his version with his own personal rhythmical style, full of energy and driving beats. 
Voltage label boss Anna V. has created a super hot, percussive and speedy version, loaded with powerful basses, clever drones and kicks, while preserving the original scent, adding a touch of vocals, in order to create a mood riser.
Last but not least, the Spaniard Gaston Zani's edit is amazingly dark and huge, signified by a monster kick and unique atmosphere, clearly imposing his experience in making bomb tracks to destroy any floor.

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